Here at Healthi, we are all about keeping track of your health and medical records. But is it really that important to do so? Yes it is – here’s why.

Moving to a new practitioner

If you’re changing from one doctor to another, it’s important to have notes and records of any previous surgeries or illnesses. This is going to ensure that your new practitioner can offer you the best care possible. without compromising your health. They’ll be up-to-date on your medical history, which can help in diagnosing future issues or continuing treatments or existing illnesses.

Having children

When planning to have a child or after having fallen pregnant, it is crucial that you are aware and cautious of any potential illnesses that can be passed down to your child genetically. Knowing your family’s medical history – and not just mentally noted – means that your doctor and your baby’s doctor can offer support and guidance in ensuring that your baby is born in the best of health.

Diagnosing on illness

When visiting a doctor because you’re unwell, it’s beneficial to know your previous medical history. Extra information, like any immunisations and previous illnesses, can help your doctor rule out potential causes and give a well-informed diagnosis. If you’re starting totally from scratch, it can be more difficult to diagnose your illness and may require additional tests and examinations, which can take time.

Health Funds and Life Insurance

Keeping an accurate and updated medical history cuts time from applications for life insurance and to health funds. While people that don’t have all their previous information may have to spend time finding it or leave questions unanswered, you will be able to provide the correct answers and get the best out of your health fund or life insurance plan.

Your health is of the utmost importance, and is not just about getting better when you’re sick. Making sure you know your history and have it on hand when it is required is a proactive way to make sure you remain on top of your medical needs well into the future.



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