The Importance of Medical Records – Expert Roundup

The HealthiĀ app has been designed to make accessing and maintaining up to date medical records easier on both the patient and any medical professional that may require them. We spoke to Alan Tran, a Medical Registrar at the Royal Adelaide… Continue Reading →

Why you should keep track of your Health Records

Here at Healthi, we are all about keeping track of your health and medical records. But is it really that important to do so? Yes it is – here’s why. Moving to a new practitioner If you’re changing from one… Continue Reading →

3 Reasons for Healthi

Healthi is on the forefront of medical information accessibility, created purposefully for keeping up-to-date medical records on your person for ease of reading when required. But it has more benefits than just being super convenient… It’s time-saving When life is… Continue Reading →

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