Healthi is on the forefront of medical information accessibility, created purposefully for keeping up-to-date medical records on your person for ease of reading when required. But it has more benefits than just being super convenient…

It’s time-saving

When life is busy and you’ve got a million things to do, it’s easy to forget to look after your health. Ignoring the tickle in your throat takes less time than finding your health records and getting yourself to the GP, which you could be doing for a month before it gets bad enough to no longer ignore.

With Healthi, the time it takes to get your papers in order and make sure you’ve got all your previous history with you is drastically reduced. Instead of spending hours at home searching for all the bits and pieces you may need, it takes five minutes here and there to keep your app updated.

Further time is saved at the GP, when instead of shuffling through your papers to find information you need only check you app. Your consultation time could be cut in half, and at the end of it, you can say goodbye to that niggling cough.

It’s helpful

Keeping track of your medical records and previous health problems is important for many reasons – diagnosing new illnesses, applying for a health fund or life insurance, planning for pregnancy and any potential problems passed down through genetics.

While some people love to organise papers and keep track that way, Healthi offers a simple and easy alternative to traditional organisation methods. Updating the information takes little time and can be done on the go, and then your medical records are available to you anywhere.

It’s accurate

Given that Healthi is so easy to keep updated, you can be sure that you’re keeping accurate medical records.

Any historical data that comes with the connection to your My Health Record account is automatically entered and any future information can be entered immediately after appointments and consultations, from any location. This means you don’t lose any details in the transfer of information, keeping your records relevant and ready for medical practitioners.

And as an added bonus, it’s free!



Download Healthi from the App Store or from Google Play.