We get it – as a parent you’re busy. Whether it’s organising play dates, getting the kids to school on time, putting that load of washing on or completing the weekly shop; you’re squished for time. Here are some tips for helping you stay on top of your children’s health – among everything else!

Pre-plan healthy school lunches

You’ve probably heard this before, but being organised and taking a moment to pre-plan can make the world of difference in the hectic before school rush. Spend some time on Sunday night working out what’s on the menu for the week, so that when it comes to putting together a lunchbox in the morning, you’ve already done the heavy thinking. A healthy lunchbox does not have to be time-consuming!

Be clear on bed times and stick to it

Getting enough sleep is important, no matter what your age! While you’re sleeping, your body has time to recharge and fight any nasties before they become an issue. Set a bedtime for your kids and make sure that it is stuck to. This will ensure a solid sleeping pattern of enough hours every night for the kids, plus some evening down time for you!

Know your medical history

When it comes to your children being sick, as a parent it’s natural to want to do everything you can to help them get better. Whether it’s a stubborn cold or something more, it’s important to have your previous medical records and family history on hand when seeing a medical practitioner. This makes sure that you’re getting the best possible care and makes diagnosing an issue easier for your doctor. Try Healthi, our free app that gives you access to your family’s medical records on the go!

The best and most important tip for staying on top of your children’s health is to simply encourage a healthy and active lifestyle. A good diet, exercise and enough sleep can do anyone a world of good!



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